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Things to do in Troodos

Kykkos Monastery

 The Monastery of Kykkos is dedicated to Panagia (the Virgin Mary) and contains one of the three icons attributed to Agios Loukas the Apostle and Evangelist.


Caledonia Waterfall

The most famous waterfall of the lot, this claims a proud spot, at an altitude of 1330m north of Pano Platres village, with the water falling from a height of 13 metres.


Mount Olympos

Olympus, or Chionistra, at 1,952 metres, is the highest point in Cyprus. It is located in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. 


Tselefos Bridge

Is the largest and biggest medieval stone bridge ever built on Cyprus and it was built over the river of Diarizos.

National Forest Park

 Open your windows, breathe fresh air and be astonished at the breathtaking views and natural beauty. 

Wine Villages

Wine Villages have a distinct route to follow created by the Cyprus Tourist Board if wine, food and culture are your thing or you just fancy a day away from the beach or want something other than poolside entertainment.